Founders. Strategists. Experts. Our management team can help you because they have been you. From entity inception to recapitalization, our leaders have built, rethought, grown and exited successful ventures. Now we can do the same for you.

Founded in Atlanta, BlueWaters Investment Group is a unique private equity firm powered by a true operational executive. Our philosophy is different. We believe in involvement: Sound business assessment. Targeted financial investment. Roll-up-your-sleeves leadership. From day one we will partner with you to make our new venture together a success.


Managing Director

Managing Director Andrew Schroer is an expert in technology and telecommunications sales, services and manufacturing. Andrew was a leader at Fortune 50 telecom companies before founding a series of successful businesses.

BlueWaters' philosophy embodies the attributes I sought in private equity firms back when I was recruiting investors for my own businesses: hands-on value, fresh strategic perspective, a belief in growing businesses vs. just gleaning from them, and a commitment to fairness to all stakeholders.


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