Opportunity. Partnership. Triumph. We seek founder- and family-owned businesses in the Southeast with up to $25 million in annual revenue. Specializing in technology, telecommunications, business-to-business and manufacturing services companies, we provide targeted funds and hands-on leadership. We are involved. We want to work with companies that expect a partial or full exit for its founders. For aging founders or family-owned businesses, we provide liquidity, a sense of financial security, and the peace-of-mind knowing that your legacy is in competent hands.


Interested in swimming upwards? We can help.

BlueWaters Investment Group seeks companies that are at a tipping point in their development. Either the company is ready to grow, or the founders and family are ready to be less involved in the business. We seek partners that:

  • Can see the next growth phase, but need a strategic roadmap and funds
  • Earn up to $25 million in annual revenues, though we can combine with other private equity firms on deals representing up to $50 million annual revenues
  • Are a technology, telecommunications, business-to-business manufacturing or services company
  • Are a founder- or family-owned
  • Located in the Southeastern United States


Looking for an expert in your area? We can advise.


BlueWaters Investment Group focuses on companies in industries in which we have a breadth of experience. This serves both of us best.

  • Technology, including services and manufacturing companies
  • Telecommunications, particularly mobile devices and services
  • Business-to-business manufacturing companies
  • Service companies


Need more than just a check? We invest ourselves.


BlueWaters Investment Group provides both targeted investments and hands-on leadership to our portfolio of companies.

  • Business strategy and market assessments
  • Operations streamlining and expansion
  • Sales and revenue growth planning
  • Human capital growth


At BlueWaters, we’re interested in growing companies through investment and leadership. If that is what you’re looking for too, then let’s meet.