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Managing Director Andrew Schroer is an expert in technology and telecommunications sales and business services and staffing companies. Andrew was a leader at Fortune 50 telecom companies before founding a series of successful businesses.

Andrew began his career as a global sales leader at Shin-Etsu, a Forture 50 Japanese telecom and instrumentation semiconductor and polymer manufacturer. After Shin-Etsu, he joined SSI, a start-up consulting and software development company serving companies like BellSouth. He then took his own capital to co-found Endeavor Telecom which manages the installation and repair of virtually every type of IT/Communications equipment.

Andrew shepherded Endeavor through several growth stages: start-up, high growth, investment and restrategizing, established yet rapid growth, recapitalization, post recapitalization growth and management, and exit.

At Endeavor, Andrew was responsible for revenue creation and service definition. He grew Endeavor from basic single location installations to multi-site installs of thousands of commercial locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Andrew recruited and led a workforce of over 9,000 field engineers. As the company’s revenues and footprint expanded, Andrew developed Endeavor’s post-recap growth and hiring strategy.

Actively involved in selecting Endeavor’s financial backers, Andrew assessed the merger’s and acquisitions process, including evaluation and selection of strategic partners, private equity investors, and investment bankers.

A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Andrew is a runner and golf enthusiast. He lives in Alpharetta, Ga.

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