Operations. Sales. Manufacturing. We are not finance guys. We are an operations team that has assessed, built, streamlined, hired for, and delivered success. We do prep-for-sale process improvement, hands-on leadership, and assess opportunities for ourselves and our investment partners.




We prepare all of our portfolio companies for growth and eventual sale. As well, for companies interested in determining if their company is ready for investors, we provide a series of services.

  • Business strategy
  • Market assessment
  • Sales and revenue planning
  • IT and telecom investment
  • Streamlining or expanding Operations
  • Human resources planning




Initially, we are involved in day-to-day operations. For companies in our and our partner’s portfolios, we offer credible, seasoned leaders.

  • Interim executive leadership
  • Employee development
  • Long-term implementation of strategy
  • Sales and revenue growth
  • Margin enhancement
  • Sales training, particularly building stickier customer relationships




We partner with other firms in our industry in order to make the most of every opportunity.  Our team excels in specialized areas within the technology, telecom, services and manufacturing spaces.

  • Recovery from post-investment revenue slumps
  • Pre-purchase operational deep dives
  • Technology and telecom customer quality  diligence
  • Transitional leadership
  • HR and retention risk diligence
  • Deal sourcing


We believe in focusing our brainpower and rolling up our sleeves.  If you’re interested in our counsel, let’s meet to discuss.