New Private Equity Fund to Invest in Founder- and Family-Owned Businesses in Southeast

ATLANTA, GA  (April 30, 2013)  -- BlueWaters Investment Group (BWG), a new Atlanta-based private equity group, announces the appointments of Andrew Schroer and Keith Berger, both to the position of managing director. BWG actively seeks to acquire or invest in founder- and family-owned businesses with up to $25 million in annual revenues. Located in the Southeast, these companies will operate in the technology and telecommunications, or business-to-business manufacturing and services arenas. Founded by true operational executives, BWG provides targeted funds and hands-on leadership to selected companies.

​Andrew Schroer
Managing Director

Andrew Schroer is an expert in technology and telecommunication sales, services and manufacturing. Schroer was a global sales leader at a Fortune 50 company before founding a series of successful businesses. Most recently he exited Atlanta-born Endeavor Telecom, where he now sits on the board of directors.

A graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Schroer began his career as a global sales leader at Shin-Etsu Chemical Company, Ltd, a global Fortune 50 company. After Shin-Etsu, he joined SSI, an exponential growth consulting and software development company.

Schroer then co-founded Endeavor Telecom, which manages the installation and repair of virtually every type of IT/Communications equipment. Schroer shepherded Endeavor through several growth stages: start-up, high growth, investment and restrategizing, established yet rapid growth, recapitalization, post-recap growth, and exit.

At Endeavor, Schroer was responsible for revenue creation and service definition. He grew Endeavor from basic single location installations to multi-site installs of thousands of commercial locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Ultimately, he recruited and built a 9,000+ person service organization. As the company’s revenues, investment and footprint expanded, Schroer developed Endeavor’s management and hiring strategy.

About BlueWaters Investment Group
Based in Atlanta, Ga., BlueWaters Investment Group is a private equity fund targeting founder- and family-owned businesses located in the Southeast. The firm concentrates on technology, telecommunications, services and business-to-business manufacturing companies with up to $25 million in annual revenues. For the companies it acquires or invests in, BlueWaters provides strategic investment and hands-on leadership from true operational executives. For more information, visit or for industry commentary visit